How UFC / MMA Odds Work

MMA continues to gain followers around the world, something that has caused the hunger for the UFC to also be in a clear positive trend along with other promotions such as Bellator, WSOF or Invicta. In addition, the appearances of stars of the stature of Conor McGregor or Brock Lesnar have helped (and continue to help) that growth does not stop.

In mixed martial arts, the most recognized type of bet is the Winner Bets . Basically, your task is to select the fighter who you think will win the fight, and for this the sports betting houses offer odds to differentiate the favorite from the underdog. As in other sports such as baseball, the favorite usually has a negative value in its share , while the underdog has a positive share value.

This would be an example of Winner Bets for the UFC:

Conor McGregor -160

Eddie Alvarez +140

McGregor would be the favorite for this match, and to make a profit of $ 100 you would have to invest $ 160, which would make a total payout of $ 260. The fact that he is the favorite means that bettors do not hesitate to risk more money on their bets.

If you bet on Alvarez, you would have to bet $ 100 to collect $ 140 of winnings, which results in payouts of $ 140.

In short, to obtain greater profits by betting on the favorite you must invest a higher sum of money, always bearing in mind that the success percentage is also higher than if you bet on the underdog.

Over / Under bets for the UFC

Sports bookmakers also offer Over / Under bets , and they are very similar to what you can find for other sports such as soccer and basketball. In MMA, online bookmakers place a total, usually 1.5 rounds for three-round fights and 2.5 rounds for five-round fights, and your job is to guess if the fight will close in more or less rounds than those proposed by the bookmaker.

Thus, if you think McGregor will beat Alvarez in the first round, you should bet for Under 2.5. If Alvarez holds out until the third round, regardless of whether he wins or loses the fight, you would lose your bet.

Other markets that also tend to have a large share of prominence in MMA are those present in Parallel Bets . In this case we are talking about bets more focused on fun and that do not have to directly affect the outcome of the event. If in the Super Bowl you find odds for events such as the side on which the coin will fall in the initial draw or the duration of the national anthem, in MMA you can also bet on events of this type.